A: Tier 2 Aerospace Supplier typically refers to a level in the supply chain hierarchy within the aerospace industry. The aerospace industry comprises various companies and organizations that work together to design, manufacture, and support aerospace products such as aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and related components.

The supply chain in the aerospace industry is often categorized into different tiers based on the complexity and criticality of the components or services provided. Here’s a general breakdown of the tiers:

Tier 1: These are typically the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or prime contractors. They design and assemble the final aerospace products, such as airplanes or spacecraft. Tier 1 companies, such as airlines or space agencies, directly work with the end customers.

Tier 2: These companies supply components, parts, or subsystems to Tier 1 companies. They play a critical role in manufacturing by integrating specialized components into the final product. Tier 2 suppliers like ANZER may work closely with Tier 1 companies to ensure their components meet the required specifications and standards.

Tier 3 and beyond: These tiers may include further suppliers that provide raw materials, specialized manufacturing processes, software solutions, or various services that support the aerospace industry.

A Tier 2 aerospace supplier is vital to the industry, providing essential components contributing to aerospace products’ overall performance, safety, and functionality. They often must meet rigorous quality and reliability standards to ensure the final product’s integrity. These suppliers might specialize in avionics, engines, landing gear, cabin interiors, etc.

It’s important to note that the specific roles and categorizations of companies within the aerospace supply chain can vary based on the context, the type of aerospace product being produced, and the industry standards and practices at play.

ANZER is a Certified AS9100:2016 Tier 2 Aerospace Supplier of Electronic Design and Manufacture