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ANZER is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 (aerospace) certified electronics design and manufacturing service provider for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) needing turnkey, custom-engineered solutions. We train and certify our manufacturing personnel, ensuring accuracy throughout the entire process. Additionally, to exceed our customer quality expectations, we foster individual commitment from all employees. By making it each and everyone’s top priority, at all levels in the organization, zero defects can be realized.

Quality is at the core of what we do. Led by a veteran Quality Control Manager who handles our ongoing continuous improvement goals. Whether cross-training our many IPC-certified staff members or implementing new documentation procedures, quality outcomes are paramount.

Third-Party Quality Assurance Consultant

As a further commitment to quality, we have employed a world-class expert who has brought oversight to our internal self-certifying objectives. Auditing our documentation, procedures, and process accuracy adds another layer of quality assertion. Holding three (3) advanced degrees including a Master of Science in Total Quality Management. He is skilled in analytical chemistry, quality control, quality assurance, quality systems, and regulatory affairs.

Pending Medical Device Certification: ISO 13485 (Expected October 2023)

Devised to be used in companies that design, produce, install, and/or service medical devices. Often used by internal and third-party entities to help with their auditing processes. Becoming certified in medical device design and manufacturing aligns with our expanding capability goals.

Quality Management Blog

IPC-A-610 Certification Importance: Verifying the Previous Person's Work

IPC-A-610 Certification Importance: Verifying the Previous Person’s Work

by Gary Rothstein

In electronic manufacturing, verifying and validating the work done by the previous person is crucial to ensure quality and reliability. This form of in-process “Quality Control” (QC) and “Quality Assurance” (QA) is one method used by ANZER to take advantage of each team member’s IPC-A-610 certification....

IPC - The Global Association for Electronics Manufacturing

ANZER Recertifies Entire Manufacturing Staff to IPC-A-610 Standard

by Gary Rothstein

Akron, OH, March 5 – 7, 2024: IPC-A-610 training is a widely recognized standard published by the IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) that provides visual acceptance criteria for electronic assemblies. At ANZER, IPC-A-610 training is valuable for our manufacturing staff, especially those involved in the...