U.S.A. electronic manufacturing benefits commercial enterprises ranging from increased quality management to measurable cost efficiencies. It is also essential to consider the savings on shipping, import duties, and improved lead times. Some of these advantages to consider:

Higher Quality Control

Few things compare in importance in manufacturing to quality control and quality process management. Quality must be maintained to help protect a company’s brand reputation. State-side manufacturers are often world-class, committing the time and effort to gain and maintain quality certifications. These certifications help ensure the production processes are appropriately verified, monitored, and assessed. From sourcing suitable materials to testing the final assemblies, outsourced U.S.A. manufacturing competes as the highest quality in the world. As an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016-certified electronics manufacturing service provider, ANZER is more efficient and cost-effective for customers.

American Manufacturing Partnerships

It is well known that formulating a working partnership with a domestic American company is beneficial. For example, it allows for time-efficient and cost-effective travel to meet in person. Nothing is more practical than being at the production facility to resolve a manufacturing issue. Additionally, being able to correspond within the same relative time zone allows for ease of concern should the need arise. This enhanced ability to communicate domestically helps American companies like ANZER avoid the pitfalls found with offshore production.

Readily Building Trust

The ease of building trust with an American contract manufacturing firm is another reason many businesses elect to manufacture in the United States. Knowing that product production is with a professional and respected domestic enterprise allows customers to focus on other things, such as new product development, feature enhancements, and competitive analysis. ANZER is a company for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to trust. Why…because integrity, commitment to excellence, and belief in doing the right thing all contribute to winning for ANZER customers.

Shorter Delivery Times

When a U.S.-based company’s manufacturing partner is in the States, they have the advantage of more timely deliveries and shorter lead times. The distance of an offshore production facility can be an added burden when the time to market and inventory replenishment is critical. Having products held up at customs or on a cargo ship in a dock can be highly burdensome. Along with the ever-increasing cost of bringing finished goods into the U.S. By employing the latest automation and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment, ANZER is price competitive and is close to our customers.

Greater Flexibility

Based on the improved communications found in domestic relationships allows for more responsiveness and flexibility. The needs of the customer, such as increased volumes or pulling in delivery dates, are more readily accommodated. These quick turnaround requirements and changing product popularity trends require domestic flexibility. ANZER has always been known for its flexibility and resourcefulness. As a result, projects can have unique and sometimes subtle requirements that necessitate an attentive technology partner. This skill has been and will continue to be at the core of our work.

Reduced Shipping Costs

American manufacturers with customers located in the U.S. can offer many more options regarding shipping methods and expenses. Being nearer to customers is more beneficial for transit time than foreign suppliers. This lowers the cost of doing business and lessens the end product’s market price.

Made in the U.S.A.

Next time you experience frustrations with offshore electronic contract manufacturing, consider partnering with onshore American manufacturers. The benefits outlined above include proficiency in automation, certified standards of production, diminished shipping fees, quicker delivery, and known reliable sources. In doing so, you will be participating in the greatness of American-made quality, American jobs, and pride in being made in the U.S.A.