When selecting a design/manufacturing partner, we know it is only a decision made with solid consideration. Technical expertise, electronic manufacturing flexibility, and the ability to be responsive to a customer’s unique constraints must be apparent. ANZER has always been known for its flexibility and resourcefulness. Projects can have special and sometimes subtle requirements that necessitate an attentive technology partner. This skill has been and will continue to be at the core of our work.

A strong manufacturing partner will be adaptable to customer needs, such as hand-soldering components that cannot be automated. ANZER has been placing LED indicators, switches, wiring interconnects, stand-offs, etc., by hand for over three (3) decades. Still today, you will find our technicians assembling these products that require detailed handwork. Many are conformally coated, potted, or placed in an enclosure to eliminate additional production steps for our customers.

Some clients will require simple changes, such as the color of an LED. Even when it may be ANZER’s Intellectual Property (IP), accommodating the customer is fundamental. This may include custom pad printing, applying customer labeling, and barcoding. We often package and ship finished box-build assemblies directly to the customer’s distribution centers. Storing and maintaining essential records such as serial numbers, lot codes, and manufacture dates provides additional value for our customers. ANZER aims to check off as many boxes as reasonable with electronic manufacturing flexibility in meeting customer expectations. Whenever possible… the answer (ANZER) is yes!

Read our 10-page whitepaper, ANZERs to Understanding Printed Circuit Board Assembly, to learn about the PCB assembly process.

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