W1492 Wiring & Signal Conditioning For Allen Bradley PLCs

Series W1492 Field Termination / Signal Conditioning

WRC Series W1492 Wiring Boards direct connection to Rockwell Automation Controllers save you time and money when used with signal conditioning inputs or isolated outputs for your Allen-Bradley SLC, PLC-5 or Logix Controllers.

Enter any portion of the WRC Part Number or the Industry Standard Model Number into the search box below to find that module’s technical information.

Part No. Model No.* Description
W1492-OB-001-16 -
Mtg bd, 16 dc DIO, 20-pin hdr
W1492-OB16-M1 -
Mtn Bd 16 I/O master
W1492-OB16-M2 -
Mtg bd, 16 ac/dc DIO, 20-, 40-pi
W1492-OB16-S1 -
Mtn Bd 16 I/O or slave for 32
W1492-OB16-S2 -
Mtg bd, 16 ac/dc DIO, 20-pin hdr

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