The Zhaga Consortium is a global association of lighting companies that aims to standardize interfaces of components in LED luminaires, such as LED light engines, LED modules, LED arrays, and sensors. The goal is to promote interchangeability and LED lighting assemblies interoperability among different manufacturers’ products, ensuring that components from different vendors can work together seamlessly.

“Zhaga” comes from the Chinese word “zhaga,” meaning to connect or link. The consortium was founded in 2010 and has since developed and published a series of specifications that define the mechanical, thermal, photometric, and electrical interfaces between components used in LED luminaires. These specifications are intended to simplify the design and manufacturing processes, reduce complexity, and facilitate LED technology adoption in the lighting industry.

Zhaga’s efforts contribute to the standardization and compatibility of LED lighting products, making it easier for manufacturers to produce and update lighting systems. This can benefit manufacturers and end-users by fostering a more open and competitive market for LED lighting assemblies and components.