CoreTigo is an Israeli company specializing in IO-Link wireless communication solutions for industrial applications. Specifically, they focus on developing wireless communication technology for industrial automation and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Their wireless technology is designed to enable reliable and low-latency communication between industrial devices, sensors, and control systems in environments where wired connections may not be feasible or practical.

CoreTigo’s wireless solutions are based on the IO-Link Wireless standard, an extension of the widely used IO-Link communication protocol. IO-Link Wireless allows for robust and secure wireless communication between industrial devices and control systems, bringing the benefits of connectivity to various industrial settings while maintaining high reliability and real-time data transmission.

Their products and technology are aimed at helping industries improve efficiency, flexibility, and data collection in manufacturing and automation processes. The applications of their technology include monitoring and controlling machinery, sensors, and other industrial devices in sectors such as manufacturing, automotive, logistics, and more.

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