A: The IPC-7711/7721 Certified IPC Application Specialist (CIS-AS) is a certification program offered by IPC. This program trains individuals to properly apply the IPC-7711/7721 standard for electronic assembly repair and rework. Participants who complete the program and pass the certification exam demonstrate their proficiency in applying the techniques and guidelines outlined in the standard.

The IPC-7711/7721 refers to a set of standards developed by the Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC) for reworking and repairing electronic assemblies. These standards provide guidelines and best practices for repairing and reworking printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic components. The IPC-7711/7721 includes detailed procedures, illustrations, and instructions for various repair and rework processes, helping technicians perform these tasks with high quality and reliability.

A certified IPC application specialist is valuable for individuals involved in repairing, reworking, and refurbishing electronic assemblies, such as PCB technicians, engineers, quality control personnel, and anyone in the electronics manufacturing and assembly industry. It signifies that the certified individual thoroughly understands the industry-recognized repair and rework practices and can perform these tasks per established standards.

Certification programs like CIS-AS help maintain consistent quality in electronic assembly repair and rework processes, reduce defects, and ensure that electronic products are repaired or reworked to maintain their performance and reliability.