An example best explains the answer (ANZER) to this question about Aerospace Customer Quality Service since we had the pleasure of hosting one of our aerospace customers this past week. We have been producing several modules for them for many years, which include installing tiny gauge wires called flying leads. Their senior quality management shared the challenges of interconnecting those wires to their base system despite doing so for years.

During their visit, our quality manager reviewed how the wires were installed on the module via hand soldering by one of our expert technicians. Ensuring the height of the exposed portion of the wire lead above the printed circuit board (PCB) was strictly within IPC guidelines. This is done to ensure the reliability and integrity of the solder connection. We should also mention that the same technician has hand-soldered these same modules for over 20 years!

Once these modules are conformally coated, a wire stiffening material is applied to help support the fine gauge wires. Then they are verified by the same test engineer who has been doing so for the past ten years. Consistency is an asset we aspire to in maintaining our high-quality standards.

Once received by the customer, the modules are connected to a larger sub-assembly which requires special handling. Here is where the wires are susceptible to weakening or even breaking as they are connected to the larger assembly. Our quality manager offered to train their technicians to help this customer minimize the chances of mishandling. They gladly accepted and will come to our facility to teach them how to manage the devices properly.

This is how we Help Each Other Win (one of our Core Values) in partnering with our customers—or in this case, it is referred to as Aerospace Customer Quality Service.